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a fragile environment

Lanzarote is truly extraordinary, the most singular of the Canarian Islands. Despite sharing the same volcanic origin than the rest of it “sisters” Lanzarote presents a unique character, shaped by the recent eruptions, its age, the great ingenuity of its inhabitants and the heritage left by the local artist Cesar Manrique.

It was declared Biosphere Reserve on October 6th, 1993. In addition to its fabulous natural heritage, the island has managed to preserve its environmental and historical values while developing the tourist industry and it is our duty to collaborate on keeping this beautiful place as it is. In Walking in Lanzarote we are fully committed to this task so we kindly ask you to:

Do not waste Water

We obtain the water from the ocean and is a very costly process

Avoid consuming
energy unnecessarily

Do not trow away
any litter

Consume local products

You will contribute to maintain our unique

and while walking:

Avoid going off the paths

Your footprints on the volcanic materials take months to disappear and if you walk on the top of the lavas and volcanic structures you would damage them forever

Do not gather
volcanic materials

Do not uproot
any plant

Drive only on the roads

The tire marks take years to disappear

For responsable tourism

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Ready to walk?

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